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How did we decide to become mobile pet groomers?

The Story

Cages are hard on your pet!!!!! 

For more information:

For more information about Paradise Byu Pet Services LLC and their mobile spa, please call (337) 463-7500 to schedule an appointment for your whole furry-feathered-finned-scaly-hooved family.

No pet is too large, or too small.

An electric lift table accommodates pets up to 250 lbs and easily bridges to the full size stainless steel tub. Pets are given warm baths with hydro-massage and only the most earth-friendly, soap-free shampoos. The coat is always hand dried and brushed out. There is no cage dryer in a mobile salon. Pets are no longer in danger of a problem with Louisiana heat. Pets are cage free and stress free. They are groomed and returned to the doorstep, one at a time. No need to sit in a cage.

Laissez les Bon Temps Roulez!

Some animals purrfur quiet comfort of thier own surroundings, even before a big party! 

Why Us?

“We allow a safe and super clean environment to keep your pet looking at its best. Many dual income families lack time to make all the needed trips back and forth. Elders are often challenged with transportation issues. We solve all that.” said Velma Stoneburner . “Those two trips are eliminated back and forth with one simple visit from Paradise Byu’s Mobile Spa. We could trim your bird’s wings, give your cat a bath and give the dog a good de-shed and trim, clean your aquarium, trim the pony’s bridle path, clean out and service both your rodent pal’s cage and your python’s enclosure. Life just became categorically simplified and your weekend can be spent enjoying your pets not cleaning up after them.”

This service is licensed, certified, and insured. The staff has 60+ years of combined experience. This ends all those time wracked schedules and nerve wracked emotions from both you and your pet. No strange pets to cope with and your pets’ own familiar environment.

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